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Single-phase disconnect and bypass switches

Eaton’s Cooper Power series D-73 distribution-class, single-phase disconnect and bypass switches provide durable and dependable switches for line sectionalizing or isolating equipment. These switches are quality constructed to ensure stable, high current capability, and mechanical integrity in the harshest environments. Kearney regulator and current transformer bypass switches feature sequenced, make-before-break operation in both 600 A and 1200 A ratings, minimizing the possibility of operator error.

D73P disconnect bypass switch
UltraSIL polymer insulators
Outperforms porcelain
Blade stabilizers
Superior performance
Full-line options
Supports common applications

Core features

  • Bypass switches offer multiple blades for switching functions
  • Disconnect switches offer a single blade for switching functions
  • The single-pull operation of the 600 A ratings both bypasses and disconnects the regular or current transformer, or reconnects them to the line
  • The two-pull operation of 1200 A ratings minimizes the operating effort of these heavy-duty switches
  • An arcrupter or snaphorn provided on regulator bypass switches interrupts the regulator exciting current and prevents arcing and damage to the switch contacts when disconnecting the regulator
  • Reverse loop contacts on 600 A ratings increases contact pressure and minimizes the possibility of contact damage when subjected to high fault current

Superior performance with UltraSIL polymer insulators

UltraSIL polymer insulators provide a durable, flexible and strong insulating alternative to porcelain. They also offer increased insulating performance in highly contaminated environments as well as improved safety due to reduced weight.

Designed to ensure consistent force on contacts

Blade stabilizers provide secure, consistent force on contacts, allowing for efficient current interchange providing superior interruption strength and cooler nominal operating temperatures.

Supporting most distribution and substation applications

Full line of bypass switch options including single-pull and multi-pull covering recloser, regulator, switchgear, transformer and many more distribution and substation applications