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Medium-voltage transformers
Medium-voltage ventilated general purpose transformers
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Medium-voltage ventilated general purpose transformers

Eaton’s medium-voltage single-phase and three-phase ventilated general purpose dry-type transformers are of the two-winding type, self-cooled, and are available in a variety of primary and secondary voltage combinations. The transformers are designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with all of the latest applicable ANSI, NEMA and IEEE standards, and designed for continuous operation at rated kVA.

Medium-voltage dry-type transformer
Voltage class
Single-phase 15-333 kVA Three-phase 15-1500 kVA
Winding conductor
Aluminum or copper

Core features

  • Available in high voltage up to 5 kV class and up to 45 kV BIL
  • Aluminum or copper windings
  • Meet the minimum efficiency standards mandated in DOE 10 CFR Part 431.
  • Transformer core is constructed using high-grade, non-aging, silicon steel to provide high magnetic permeability.
  • Designed for indoor or outdoor applications.
  • 150°C Temperature rise (130°C rise for some kVA ratings), optional 115°C and 80°C rise options available.
  • 220°C Insulation system (200°C for some kVA ratings)

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