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Designed and manufactured for oil maintenance and lubrication systems, Eaton’s mobile filter unit is versatile and reliable. In addition to an existing filter, it is ideal for secondary flow filtration. Its portability and compact structural design allows it to operate in difficult to access areas.

The mobile off-line filter units in the UM series combine the convenience of the US filter units with mobile oil treatment in hydraulic and lubrication systems.

Mobile off-line filter unit
Compact and portable
Removal of
Particles and water

Core features

  • Reliable and simple off-line filtration
  • Reinforces existing operating in-line filter
  • Improves cleanliness classes
  • Longer service life of system components and operating fluids
  • Compact design saves space and adapts to your operation
  • High-quality filter elements with high dirt holding capacity
  • Filter elements can be replaced without any tools
  • Safety valves permit unattended operation
  • Uninterrupted filtration during tank filling
  • Optional use of water-absorbing filter elements
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