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Eaton Bypass Power Module (BPM)

Compatible with Eaton 9PXM, 9170+, 9155 and 8-10 kVA 9PX UPS models, the Eaton Bypass Power Module (BPM) acts as both a maintenance bypass and a panelboard. Providing you with increased flexibility, the BPM lowers upfront and electrical costs while protecting against downtime during equipment maintenance.

While a centralized UPS can provide enormous value over distributed designs, power distribution and reliability become more critical to the infrastructure plan. Because they are hardwired, UPSs over 6 kVA almost always require a maintenance bypass to provide a means of directly connecting utility power to IT equipment. In the event of scheduled UPS preventive maintenance, a service event or failure, maintenance bypass functionality helps keep critical loads running. In addition to a bypass, centralized systems also need a means to distribute over 6 kVA of power from the UPS to connected equipment. A traditional, centralized design may require a panelboard, wiring and conduit, not to mention the costs associated with electrical installation.

Flexible installation

Providing maintenance bypass for rack and wall-mount form factors.

Flexible receptacles

The Eaton BPM comes equipped with local outlets to enable an IT manager to add, remove or reconfigure PDUs throughout the lifecycle of the installation. Shown here, the BPM125ER comes with (3) L6-30R, (6) 5-20R and hardwired output.
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